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Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures are widely used to varying degrees in many European jurisdictions. COVID-19 has now seen an increase in their use as a replacement of ‘’wet ink” signatures.  This Blog is designed to provide a forum for discussion to help Directors understand how Digital Signatures can effectively be used for documents depending on the type

  • What is the legal position in Luxembourg and EU Regulation?

  • What security/technical aspects should be considered when evaluating vendor platforms and solutions?

  • Practical information, experiences and discussion panel

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Unknown member
Jun 24, 2020

Key take away messages from ILA's Webinar on Digital Signatures.

•Firms and Board Directors should adopt a risk-based approach when deciding the level of e-signature security to choose for the relevant document type.

•Firms should look for “quick-wins” to lower cyber-security risks (e.g. replacing e-mail with a secure platform).

•Preparation prior to signing day’ is important - signatories may need security tokens and parties must agree platform and signature security level.

•Local law requirements in EU and cross-border context should be verified.

• One entity needs to manage the e-Signature system and procedures, get legal and compliance validation and then deploy it to all parties.

•E-signature providers should continue to simplify the QeS process to further increase widespread adoptio…

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