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Independent directors

Beaumont Governance has a team of talented and experienced Independent Directors. As a group, they adhere to the same values, principles and high governance standards.  Acting independently from the fund promoter and from the fund’s key service providers (Legal, Central Administrator and Depository), enlisting one or more Independent Directors to a fund’s Board of Directors demonstrates best practice in independent corporate governance and transparency, important aspects to investors and market regulators.

Our seasoned market professionals will make a positive impact in the board room... leveraging collective expertise, ensuring sufficient time allocation for each client through controlled capacity and remaining informed through active engagement and participation in industry organisations.

  • The Beaumont Governance team is able to draw on a collective pool of expertise to provide insightful and independent guidance and oversight to a firm’s stakeholders.  Our Directors have  backgrounds in a wide range of fields including: Investment Management, Investment Operations, Legal, Accountancy, Audit, and Investment Manager Due Diligence.  These skills not only enable us to provide expertise across a broad range of UCITS and Alternative strategies (Public, Hedge, Private Equity, Real Estate, Private Debt and Venture Capital) and vehicle types, but also allow us to tap into the collective expertise of other team members should a board situation require specialist knowledge.

  • Beaumont Governance advocates its strong philosophy of controlled capacity. Each Beaumont Governance Director adheres to the ALFI Governance Code of Conduct and undertakes to follow regulatory guidance on time allocation. It is crucial that our Directors devote sufficient time to be prepared for each Board Meeting in order to play an active role in the Fund's governance and strategy.  Supporting our Directors with administrative tasks is our in-house, CSSF-Regulated PSF, affording our clients the peace of mind that our Directors are focusing time and effort on their important issues rather than administrative matters.

  • Our Directors are expected to be active participants in the funds industry, allowing them to bring valuable insights into the Boardroom as well as influence the discussion on important industry topics.  We also require our Directors to undertake on-going continuous education and professional development through a variety of educational institutions and industry associations including ALFI, ILA, ECODA, IFBL, IOD, CFA, INSEAD, ICA and CAIA. 

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