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Local solutions for local regulatory compliance...

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In an environment where tax authorities are pursuing more challenges to Luxembourg Alternative fund structures, the need for local market regulatory and fiscal expertise has never been greater. Investment Managers are having to give more consideration to the appropriate extent of local management to protect against potential future tax challenges.  

The competence of a local Luxembourg management team to review/approve/monitor investment decisions, perform treasury functions, maintain books and records, and/or ensure compliance with regulatory requirements in the domicile of the investment funds should reinforce the nature of the substance in Luxembourg. 

Through the following services, Beaumont Governance can assist Investment Managers in the creation of a bespoke Local Management / Head-Office model that helps demonstrate material substance in Luxembourg:

  • Provision of office space to local staff (single desk to full office).

  • Meeting full, part-time or secondee staffing needs over a variety of functions: Risk & Compliance, Fund AML/KYC expertise or Investment Committee Participation.

  • Providing Luxembourg-based Independent Directors for GP and SPV general oversight and administration.

Beaumont Governance is able to offer a solution combining skilled professionals and local office accommodation to enhance your local management presence.  We welcome a discussion to understand your objectives and how we can play a role in helping to ensure the success of your fund.

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